Welcome to Los Angeles’s hippest and least exclusive social club: the city government public comment Zoom room.

Released 6/19/20 // Corona-Day 170. Transcript forthcoming.

On June 1, following a week of police-led violence, LAPD Chief Michel Moore told protestors that George Floyd’s death “is on their hands.”

The next day Moore and the LA Police Commission sat for eight and a half hours of public comment as Angelenxs expressed their rage in 2-minute increments. One response, a blank-verse appeal to both Robert’s Rules and prurient interests, has become a rallying cry.

By the June 8 meeting of the city council Budget & Finance Committee, “I yield my time, fuck you” had become canon.

On June 15, a coalition from the Movement for Black Lives presented the People’s Budget of LA to city council.

Music by Floating Points, Obfusc, Huerco S., Fossilize Me, Warm Binary, and the standby music for the the LA City Council live stream.


A body politic that is always standing vigilant, always bracing for earthshaking violence—yet remaining still, and calm. And cute.

Released 5/13/2020 // Corona-Day 134. Transcript forthcoming.

Taipei 101 is currently the tenth tallest building in the world. The observation deck on the 89th floor features an exhibit (and gift shop) replete with Damper Babies.

Music by Disasterpeace, Obfusc, and NOT WAVING.


I want to be crushed until my nose gets bloody and my eyes turn black and my teeth get chipped. I want to listen to Pink Moon on the car ride home.

Released 4/29/2020 // Corona-Day 119. Transcript forthcoming.

The New Games Book was published in 1976 by Headlands Press.

Music by Matmos, Curved Light, Dan Deacon, Nick Drake, and Disasterpeace.


Moving through shelter-in-place with an ill-fitting meat-suit.

Released 4/13/2020 // Corona-Day 104. Transcript forthcoming.

Ryan Heffington is a choreographer and dance educator based in Los Angeles. His studio The Sweat Spot is running virtual classes through the pandemic.

Music by Curved Light, Obfusc, NOT WAVING, Lee Rosevere, and Alessandro Cortini, plus Ryan’s jams.


Sonic solidarity from a Vons parking lot. We still have the pavement, the night time, the radio.

Released 3/25/2020 // Corona-Day 84. Read transcript.

The Drive-In Concert was organized by and features Ben Babbitt, Booker Stardrum, Celia Hollander, Jeremiah Chiu, and Marta Sofia Honer, and was broadcast on Dublab. Additional music is by 2814 and Obfusc.


Hello. We are here. This is now. We are us.

Released 3/25/2020 // Corona-Day 84. Read transcript.

Music by Curved Light and 中空マスク (Hollow Mask).